Decapitated by a Rainbow

Three months of rain in one afternoon snagged by the number “3” and decapitated by a rainbow.   Not designed to be alone yet still feelin’ lonely all the time; Isolation compels to check out a new perspective.   “3” is the number of creativity for those who don’t understand; also Ascended Masters are present […]

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To Be Human

Here we are carbon-based life forms we are given this thing called Life. Some see it as a gift some see it as a curse Some change their minds all in due time.   Alchemy and what you do with it (or don’t do with it) is up to you.   Obstacles: challenges to surpass […]

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Universal Card for May 2018

We are being challenged to get out of our ruts! Do you feel stuck or stunted in any way? Not able to manifest what you want? Perhaps some “seeds” that have been “planted” are just not coming into fruition. Maybe we are not seeing and/or resistant to new opportunities that are being presented to us… […]

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