Change and Choices

Change. A simple word. A powerful, inevitable force.  Change can happen through means of chaos or choice. Isn’t it a lot easier on oneself to go the latter? Whenever the Death card (Arcana 13) appears, it’s the end of an era, and a rebirth to a new one!

What if a person who doesn’t want to change sits there and complains all the time? Let’s be honest…

The first thing is that a person has to become aware of not only the situation(s) that’s making him/her unhappy, but the behaviour and choices that brought them him/her there. Yes, while SOME scenarios are thrust upon us in life, MOST are created/co-created (if you will) into existence. Each one of us as an individual must take responsibility for our lives and our own happiness!

If we are unhappy in a relationship, job, or life in general, we must step back and examine: WHY. It is up to each individual to WANT to make a change! It is up to each individual to actually step outside the box that we put ourselves in and MAKE that change happen! We must ask ourselves: What have I got to lose?

Here is where the doom and gloom worry wort will start in: my home, my car, my this, my that ~ pretty much ALL material possessions. (Talk about possessions owning YOU!) The reality is, ALL things in the material realm can be REPLACED! (if we want to). My question is: What about your SPIRIT?! Why must you suffer at a soul-level JUST to hold onto a few material goods?!?! (This coming from a Taurus, of all signs!)

I remind you, everything ~ I mean EVERYTHING  is temporary. One day, each and every one of us will physically whither away and die, break down, decay, and feed other life forms.

What about the SOUL? It is my belief that if our contract has not been fulfilled in this lifetime (or even past lifetimes), each one of us will have to come back and take another temporary vessel, time, and place to see if perhaps we can get it “right”.  Or, perhaps, the soul will have to go to what I call “Spirit School” and hang around in the ethers learning lessons before one gets another shot, waiting for the appropriate time to do so.

Decisions, decisions.

We each must remember that in life we DO have choices. We choose where to direct most of our energy. We choose what to eat, drink, smoke, not smoke. We choose what to listen to. We choose if we react or respond. We choose what’s important to each of us. We choose what jobs to take (or not take)! We choose who we spend time with and hang out with. We chose relationships (or non-relationships).

If something is “making” us miserable, we choose to stay there; or we choose to go. (Sometimes we make a series of choices so a scenario is created were one feels compelled to bellow: I have to do this! I don’t have choice!!! This leaves one cold and alone in the miserable circumstances, only to perpetuate and get worse.) Ultimately that individual chooses misery. Why would one choose misery?! Because it’s a “comfort zone” and the only thing that person knows. Then there’s the whole “poor me” victimhood form of communication. Misery loves company, don’t ya know.

The vicious cycle, happens again and again and again until finally one day, someone decides it needs to be broken. Enough is enough. We always have a choice. Choosing to leave a miserable/negative/unacceptable situation takes courage. One can choose to have courage.
But what to do next? It’s scary out there. Yes, but it can be fun, too. (A heck of a lot more fun than the miserable trapped feeling!)
So one must think ~ What brings me joy? What keeps me going in this gawd-awful rotten place? Then one chooses to have a little faith and do what brings joy. And we come to find, all hope is not lost. Even if everything is not perfect, we’re LEARNING something, DOING something. Choosing to do something different to get away from the misery is the salvation! Different actions = different results. If whatever that person was doing before kept him/her in misery, then maybe following a different path just might bring happiness! At the very least, less misery?!


3 thoughts on “Change and Choices

  1. This is exactly what I was thinking of earlier today. What brings me joy? When I was happiest and most productive in the past, what was I doing, and how do I get back to that mindset? I think self-expression and creativity helps a lot: for me it’s things like writing, singing, drawing, cooking, etc; whatever it is that brings you joy. Like Joseph Campbell used to say, “Follow your bliss”.

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