Universal Read for the week of: 06 July – 12 July

I prayed over the cards and asked for Universal messages for the week. The first card symbolizes the beginning of the week, the second card symbolizes the middle of the week, and the third card symbolizes the end of the week/weekend.

General influences and key words: integrity (spiritual), life path, nurturing, boundaries, Mother, teamwork, and foundations.

Beginning of the week: Be honest with yourself! Watch for people not being completely in their integrity. Make sure you are also in yours! Don’t allow others not in their integrity to thwart you from your own righteous path! Also, check in and ask yourself: Am I really in my spiritual integrity? Am I doing things out of necessity and/or fear, or do I honestly feel that what I’m doing in life is spiritually fulfilling? (What would I rather be doing? How would I rather be living?) What is in alignment with my spirit? Is what I’m doing getting me to where I need/want to go, or am I just going through the motions?

Continuing into the middle of the week, remember to set the proper boundaries in order to maintain and nurture your spiritual integrity and your path. Always make time for what’s truly important to you! (As the old phrase goes: the key to success is self-discipline!) It is absolutely okay to use the word NO if you feel someone is trying to pull you off-course, distract you from your true life’s purpose, or divert you from what’s truly important to you.
Mid-week might also bring up mother issues that still need healing. How has your mother nurtured or not nurtured you? How does that affect your life now? How can you nurture yourself and others? Have you been telling  yourself no when you should be telling yourself yes? Or vice versa? Consider these things and take the responsibility to turn it around for yourself. Kind of “mother yourself”, be and do specifically for you what your mother could not.

By the end of the week, you will be working with others (and building foundations). Together, you can build solid foundations for something positive! Support/help those you are working with and be willing to accept what everyone has to “bring to the table.” Yay, teamwork!

Be limitless. 🙂

Many Blessings,


a.k.a. Lady Sara

Tarot card deck used: Cosmic Tarot, by Norbert Losche. Published by: US Games Systems, Inc.


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