Salty McGee




Stop beating me up

I’m covered now.

I’m done with you

you were my friend

so I thought.

Keep picking me apart

over and over

and over again.

Oh man,

if I defend!

I need understanding

you could not give.

That’s all fine and dandy

but I’ve got a life

to live.

I confide in you

then you throw it

in my


What the hell did I do

to deserve such disgrace?

You accuse me

of trust issues

that may be true

Heaven forbid

any fault is on


Humpty Dumpty

went to the mall

Humpty Dumpty

had a great fall

cookin’ eggs

on the sidewalk,


and it’s hot outside…

oh.. so… hot outside…

I just want to


and be me.

I just want to


and be free.

Success is a journey

sometimes in vain.

Failure always happens,

O-oh, the pain!

Learn your

goddamned lesson

and don’t you dare


Gifts are hidden

in many splintered


How high

I might fly

if not for these

broken wings.

Love and hate

two fun categories.

Love and hate

what the hell

is an allegory?

c. SJG 2015

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