Doomed Race

Enjoying the mid-day sun

under the chem-trail sky

feeling dizzy and light-headed

now I know why.


Radar doesn’t reveal

after it’s 5-minute delay

Population control

via poisoning the planet

the new American way.


Conspiracy theories

and rumors aside,

government officials

whose rules do they abide?


Power to the people

if only they do choose;

complacency set in

buy the latest and greatest,

only the planet will lose!


What is Mother Earth to us

but to sustain




to human greed,

she is no



Creatures come and

creatures go,

we are but animals,

all the aliens know!


Experiments gone wrong

we destroy our self

and all things


in pursuit of wealth.


Hard-working ionosphere,

protect us from sun’s radiation

HAARP climate control

people, where is your indignation?


We need hold it


for every person, plant, and



Ecology warfare,

don’t you know

they’ve been



Now we’re on the path

of yet another doomed race

killing our home planet

don’t you know,

we need this place?




SJG c.2015


Reader’s note: This has been the direction of a lot of my creative writing work within these past few years. I wrote this particular piece after reading the book (with lots of food for thought): _On the Edge of Reality_ by Colin and Synthia Andrews.

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