Universal Read for the Week of: 20 July – 26 July

Every Sunday I do a shuffle of the tarot cards with the intention to see the Universal energy for the week. As always, filter and discern. This may not necessarily apply to everyone out there; but it is good to get a sense of what the general energy is in the atmosphere so if you yourself are not directly feeling this, there is a strong possibility that many others around you are. It is good to be aware!

After the challenges of last week, I am glad to see this layout!

Keywords and influences: Unconditional Love, Self-Love & Care, decisions, “on the fence”, New money and/or material.


Beginning of the Week: Unconditional Love energy is in the air! Self-Love and Self-care hold great importance, as well as those you hold near and dear. Unconditional love, respect, support, and understanding is heightened, mutual, and emphasized with yourself and closest compadres and/or family. This is beautiful and mature loving energy! Continue self-loving acts like doing things you truly enjoy, and surrounding yourself only with those you feel most comfortable and at ease with.

Middle of the Week: You may be “on the fence” about something, or at a stalemate. It looks like the time time to make a decision. Stay or go? Which job would be the best option? Which vehicle best suits my needs? Which house/apartment most feels like home? (Remember: sometimes not making a decision is making a decision!)

End of the Week: New money and/or material coming to you. Possibilities coming your way: new job, new home, new car, or even a gift from someone special. You may even have a winning lottery ticket (not necessarily for a big jackpot, but new money is new money, and always a blessing)!

Many Blessings, Light, and Love,
~ Hydroxia
(aka Lady Sara)

Tarot deck used: Archeon

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