Universal Read the week of: 27 July ~ 02 Aug 2015

Every Sunday I do a shuffle of the tarot cards with the intention to see the Universal energy for the week. As always, filter and discern. This may not necessarily apply to everyone out there; but it is good to get a sense of what the general energy is in the atmosphere so if you yourself are not directly feeling this, there is a strong possibility that many others around you are. It is good to be aware!

Keywords and influences this week: Diet, Detox, Friendship, Celebrating with friends, Addictions, Choices, Emotions.


Beginning of the Week: It looks like there is a strong emphasis on diet, eating better (or more), and even possible detoxification at the beginning of the week. (Hopefully we make healthy decisions as to what we put into our bodies, and want to rid bodies of, to help facilitate navigation through emotions the rest of the week.)

Middle of the week: Celebration is in the air! Seize those moments for getting together with friends and having a good time together. Also, there is a possibility of return of old friends. Huzzah!

End of the week/Weekend: We have many emotional choices by the end of the week. Addictions or not addictions? That is the question… Though celebrating with friends mid-week can be a a great thing; keep in mind that slipping back into some certain addictions really stunt your growth! (And addictions present themselves in multiple forms.) ** Take advantage of the Blue Moon in Aquarius energy to make “once in a Blue Moon” decisions (hopefully for the better). The choices are all yours. Something to consider: what are the choices that will be the most healthy and beneficial for you (and others around you) in the long run? What could be emotionally rewarding and fulfilling as well?

**Another astrological note: Venus has gone retrograde (as of 25 July 2015) giving us a chance to review, revise, and reconsider our relationships and finances. With the alignments end-week, “once in a Blue Moon” opportunities are present ~ the choices you make right now are pretty important. Weigh all options carefully.

Many blessings, Love, and Light!


aka Lady Sara

tarot deck used this week: Archeon


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