Universal Read for the Week of: 03 August 2015 – 09 August 2015

Every Sunday I do a shuffle of the tarot cards with the intention to see the Universal energy for the week. As always, filter and discern. This may not necessarily apply to everyone out there; but it is good to get a sense of what the general energy is in the atmosphere so if you yourself are not directly feeling this, there is a strong possibility that many others around you are. It is good to be aware!

Well, folks, it looks like another challenging week! All cards have landed reversed. I see there is a lot of resistance in the atmosphere.

Key words and influences: Body Care, Self-image, Obstacles, Faith/Trust, Appreciation


Beginning of the week: Your body needs your attention! Body care and self image are important considerations if one is to remove toxins and obstacles from life. Feeling achy and/or fatigued? What has your body been telling you lately? Time to listen to the deeper messages and address any issues accordingly. Sometimes the simplest answer(s) produces the best result, especially when it comes to taking care of your body.

Mid-week: It’s not necessarily time to embark on a new journey and take any major leaps of faith yet, even though it may be in the back of your mind. The “junkage” still needs to be cleaned out of the forbidden, dark area in the basement of the soul before faith is restored both within the Self, and also in the Universe. Caution: Don’t buy into any naysayer’s (including your own) B.S. Have faith and trust that old issues will be resolved. Also trust that the Universe will take care of you. (And remember how it already has!)

Week’s end/weekend: Appreciate, appreciate, ApPReCiAtE!!!! Universe has delivered many great things to you. Over time, you have been in possession of, and/or  may have acquired a multitude of things. You have worked hard for what you have. People have given you some cool stuff, and/or helped you out in phenomenal ways. If one does not appreciate what they have, how could one possibly be happier with more? Suggestion: take a moment to really appreciate people and things around you. Appreciation breeds goodness 😉

Have a Blessed week!



(aka, Lady Sara)

Tarot deck used: Enchanted


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