Universal Read for the Week of: 10 Aug – 16 Aug 2015

Every Sunday I do a shuffle of the tarot cards with the intention to see the Universal energy for the week. As always, filter and discern. This may not necessarily apply to everyone out there; but it is good to get a sense of what the general energy is in the atmosphere so if you yourself are not directly feeling this, there is a strong possibility that many others around you are. It is good to be aware!

This week, my initial impression is that there is a lot of male energy with a little resistance to it by the end of the week.

Key words and influences: Compassion, sensitivity, break, money (don’t worry about it), expression of Spirit

Beginning of week:  This week starts out with a lot of compassion and expression of love. This will help carry us through the week. There will be a little increase of sensitivity in the atmosphere. You might be put into a position to be able to clearly express your heart-level feelings and/or your awareness of others’ feelings may be a bit heightened. (For some of you, you may even be hanging out with a sensitive male in your life!)

Mid-week: You may be experiencing a break in work and/or income (that you didn’t previously know about). Don’t let the subconscious worries/fears about money ruin your good time. Allow that loving heart-energy from the beginning of the week carry you. Alternative meaning: It is NOT quite time for a break in your work yet!  Especially for those of us that are inclined to more “spiritual” type work…

End of week/weekend: Your Spirituality and Life Force  is important and emphasized, also how you communicate it within the community. For those of us that have become leaders, especially in the Spiritual Community ~ we shant be shy to express it and assert ourselves. Always keep the highest good present. Seeking out like-minded/like-“spirited” people this week’s end will definitely be in our favour.

~ Have a Blessed Week ~


(aka Lady Sara)

Tarot deck used: Cosmic


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