Universal Read for the Week of: 17 August 2015 ~ 23 August 2015

Every Sunday I do a shuffle of the tarot cards with the intention to see the Universal energy for the week. As always, filter and discern. This may not necessarily apply to everyone out there; but it is good to get a sense of what the general energy is in the atmosphere so if you yourself are not directly feeling this, there is a strong possibility that many others around you are. It is good to be aware!

Key words and influences: Mother, (Mother-like qualities): boundaries, nurturing, conflict, strife, speaking your truth, writing (rough draft)

At a glance: Setting boundaries may lead to conflict mid-week, though by the week’s end we’ll be able to speak our truth and express our thoughts and ideas.

Let’s investigate further:

Beginning of Week: Strong mother-like influence! Time to lovingly set healthy boundaries while simultaneously nurturing positive projects/ influences/people in your life. Alternative meaning: this may be a time when we reconnect with mom (or a mom-like figure).  Whether you are a man or a woman, tapping into the mother energies are important and emphasized.

Mid-week: Conflict, strife, opposing view points. (Since this is a Universal Read, this may even mean that tensions and disputes arise between rivaling countries!) Let’s examine inner dialogues. If you find yourself at odds with another person(s), what is it that is being reflected back to your own Shadow side? Are you really struggling and contending with something inside that needs confronting and clearing? Though mid-week looks like it will be a bit of a challenge, if we confront what really needs accosting we have an opportunity to really clear the air by the week’s end. It appears that the awareness and necessity to do so is prevalent.

End of Week/Weekend: Speak your truth! Express your ideas! Write! Though your thoughts and ideas may not be exactly refined at this time, they need to come out! You could be clearing the air from the mid-week contention (even if it’s an inner conflict that needs to be worked out through journaling), or have dialogues with individual(s), or both. There is a youthful, exuberant energy to our expression that’s in the air, and while it still may need refining it is important to recognize, verbalize, and/or vocalize ideas. Another possibility: Do you have a pending writing project that you know you need to work on? Time to write the rough draft.

Many Blessings, Light, and Love.

~ Hydroxia~

aka: Lady Sara

Tarot deck used: Archeon


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