Griffin Magic Mist ~ Special Full Moon ritual

Well it’s full moon time again! It’s my understanding that this time it’s even a SUPER moon! 😮

During the Full Moon phase,  I mix Griffin Magic Mist ~ one of my own creations. These are aura & atmosphere enhancers. The reason I mix it on the Full Moon is to achieve maximum potency. It’s always hand-crafted in small batches and what I concoct each time depends on demand.

Two of the the first originals that I developed were the Clearing Spray and Good Vibes. At the time, I was working a job that seemed to have an abundance of negative energy, tension, and miscommunication. My sensitivity to energy was ever increasing as my spirit was evolving towards the next level/phase in my life. Late one night I took to my essential oils, combined them with a base of H2O, Florida water (in the Clearing Spray for a protective element also), and appropriate  knowledge with intentions. (Not to mention a little alcohol for a preservative and to give it the “misting” quality!)

When I arrived in the morning to the J-O-B, I got there early enough to work a little magic (in a good way). 🙂 First, I would spray throughout the establishment to clear destructive and draining energies. Next, I would spritz to enhance the energy, hoping to promote sweeter moods, more positive energy, and better communication.

Whenever I did this, albeit in secrecy, afterwards people usually took notice. “It smells so good in here!” That was the usual response I heard; and I also noticed an uplifting of their energy and lightening of their spirit accompanying that phrase. An arcane smile would roll across my lips. Sometimes I would reply, “I sprayed some stuff.”

Two of the other original Magic Mists I made were Relax and Prosperity/Mojo. The Relax spray helps calm things down a bit when I’m feeling too spastic; and also I mist it above/around my bed (after the Clearing Spray) to help relax and fall asleep at night. (A friend of mine told me she likes to mist Relax right on her pillow!) The Prosperity/Mojo I like to spray up in the air and visualize money raining down on me as I feel the little droplets landing on my skin. It is also good to use before doing something important (like a job interview, performance, etc) to give a little boost in confidence and mojo!

Over time I’ve reworked and added other oils and blends after further research and nudges of intuition. Two more lovelies also emerged: Energize (for revitalizing and helping to wake up), and Passion (Root Chakra therapy, grounding, and sexual attraction).

Spirit informed me that mixing in conjunction with the Full Moon is always the best time to do it ~ not just for maximum potency, but also to give a sense of structure and discipline! Griffin Magic Mist is placed outside in order to bask in the Full Moon light to charge energetically in a very unique way. (They accompany crystals also receiving their Full Moon charge!)

Good Alchemy = Well-rounded benefits and healthy Spirit. Aromatherapy, what a “scentual” way to lift one’s spirits and provide a little healing via the elements: air & water. Simple and effective. At least, this is what I believe.

If you are interested in acquiring any Griffin Magic Mist(s), please click on link (or copy/paste in your browser):

(Thank you, I appreciate it!)

Love, Light, and Blessings,

~ Hydroxia

(aka Lady Sara)

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