Positive Spin on Mercury Retrograde

Oh NOO!!! The dreaded Mercury Retrograde is upon us AGAIN!!!

Often known for a time of heightened chaos, communication breakdowns, and technological failures, people often cringe with this impending time frame.  We’ve already started seeing evidence of it during the “Ghosting” period (since 26 August 2015).  We will also be feeling effects after Mercury is direct, during the “clean-up” phase (to be experienced until the Full Moon, 27 October 2015). Oh boy!

Though most of us want to hide in a hole somewhere until it’s all over, in this day-and-age, it’s just not possible. During Mercury Retrograde phase it can be a challenge to keep our center and our cool, and can definitely test our patience. (Given that there are aspects with the planet Uranus this time around, there will be a few extra surprises as well, and people may be more accident prone. Be extra cautious this month!)

What’s the positive spin? Let’s look at it from a different perspective.

For one thing, it’s nice to have a scape goat when things go haywire. 😉

Mercury Retrograde also presents many opportunities (yep, I said opportunities) to resolve things from the past that can come creeping about. It is also a good time for all the “re-s” in life: revision, re-evaluation, re-do, rearranging, re-editing, resolution,etc, etc! (Sometimes it can be exhausting, so make sure to get extra rest when you are feeling run down.)

Take time to review old emails. Go through and delete all the unnecessary ones. Guess what, you will most likely come across emails (personal or otherwise important) that you had previously not seen!

In the workplace and in general, people will not be so inclined to hold their tongues during this time, either. While some may lack tact and have no filter (which in turn may cause some “drama”), a positive side of this is that the true thoughts, opinions, and feelings will finally be out in the open. We may not always like it, but it is still necessary to get these things out to clear the air. Remember, (as one of my greatest teachers, Maureen Conrad, always told me) “this is the time when the truth comes out!”

As you proceed forth on your journey this month, keep in mind that: we are all in this together!

Good Luck and Much Love & Light,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


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