Universal Read ~ Week of: 05 October 2015 ~ 11 October 2015

Lots of movement happening in the beginning of the week. Time to step into the flow of life; be mindful where it’s taking you (so that you are not paddling against the current). You will not be feeling the nurturing and support so much now; everyone on an individual basis will be doing their own thing, and deciding what changes need to be made in life. (Time to stand on your own 2 feet!) Remember not to just change for the sake of change.  Transformation of one’s life is much more powerful, comes with it a lot of growth, and will take you where you truly want/need to go in life. With transformation always comes some sort of sacrifice. Make sure it’s worthwhile.

Love & Light,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara

Oracle used: Wisdom of the Maya

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