Universal Read: 02 November ~ 08 November 2015 (Archeon + Crystal Vibe!)

Greetings and Salutations! Thanks for tuning in.

The stone pulled for overall feel of the week is Angelite. Be in touch and talk with your angels & guides. Keep thinking about things and face situations with a “Higher” (more angelic) perspective as best you can. (It will be to your benefit!)

7 of Wands (Reversed) with a Chiastolite, 10 of Pentacles with a tourmalated quartz, 2 of Swords (Reversed) with a pink crackle quartz.

Pick your battles and know that you don’t have to stand up for yourself as much. Things are being transmuted: from negative to positive. See the bright side of situations. Mid-week you will probably be feeling pretty abundant and that you really truly have everything that you need. Beware of psychic attack and other person’s envy because of this. Don’t allow that energy to drag you down and make you feel any less good about where you are at; let it roll off your back. By the week’s end you’ll probably be facing  a decision and feel torn between 2 major paths to take. Choose the path that makes your Inner Child feel safe, protected, secure, nurtured and nourished. That will be in the best alignment and for your Ultimate Highest Good.

Many Blessings, Peace, Love, & Light.


aka Lady Sara

Tarot: Archeon

“Crystal Vibe” reading


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