Universal Read: Week of 09 November 2015 ~ 15 November 2015

My little helper picked these cards this week: Muluc Glyph 9: Water, Chibil Kin: The Eclipse, Ben Glyph 13: Green Maize

Interestingly enough, 9 is the sacred number for the 9 levels of the Underworld , 13 is the sacred number for the 13 levels of the Overworld, with Earth being in the middle with conflict!

Beginning of the week is about cleansing and purification, getting rid of things that no longer serve. Since it’s water, I’m going to add: dispose of things with unhealthy/debilitating emotional attachments. (How appropriate during the last phase of the waning moon!) Cleanse, purify, detoxify to help bring balance back into your life. Warning of possible danger and/or conflict mid-week, face it courageously and get through it; for it brings opportunity for personal growth and advancement by the week’s end. Concentrate on what you are doing, you have the opportunity to shape some rawness about your life towards fruition.

P.S. ~ We have a powerful day mid-week: 11-11, on the New Moon at that!!! Very powerful Manifestation mojo! Make a wish at 11:11 on 11-11, set the manifestation wheels in motion!

Peace and Many Blessings,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara

Oracle: Wisdom of the Maya


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