Universal Read: 16 November ~ 22 November 2015

Nohock Ek: Venus: Underworld & Culminating (Reversed), Dzonot: Cenote, Ix Chel: The Nurturer. Stones: Snowflake Obsidian, Sodalite, Ruby in Fuchsite.

Extra card thrown (not pictured) ~  Kanah: the Paddler Gods: indicating a time of forward movement and Spiritual Growth.

It appears that conflicts and chaos will be at their peak during the beginning this week: these catalysts/cataclysms bring some things to light and directs attention on what profundities need to be addressed, and what needs to be sacrificed in order to move forward. The outer world and company you keep is a reflection of your Inner-Self: it’s time to look within, acknowledge and deal with some issues. By the end of the week the energy will be much softer and an opportunistic time for healing after facing the beginning of the week’s harsh realities ~ allowing you time, space, and helpful influences to help develop your own inner resources. Look at it as an opportunity to heal some very deep issues/wounds in your spirit, including things that you may have brought into this incarnation from past-lives!


Peace, Love, and Light

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Oracle: Wisdom of the Maya


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