Universal Read: Week of 23 November ~ 29 November 2015

Eb Glyph 12: Evil Rain (Misfortune), Hun Nal: The Maize God, Pauahtun: The Skybearer. Crystals: Chrysocolla, Lithium Quartz, Pietersite, Snowflake Obsidian.


Though we may be presented with sets of minor, annoying challenges/set-backs this week, take a step back for a moment and realize that they are just that: minor inconveniences and not major life threatening  situations. Calm down and accept with serenity that things are constantly changing and maintain the confidence to get through it all. (Note: The number 12 is a powerful number for all undertakings!) Be truly grateful that all your sustenance needs are being met. There is the element of helping each other out with such needs this week as well! (Don’t be afraid to ask for your needs and accept them, in a good way.) Emotions appear to be running high this week, make sure to take time to connect with your inner-self, get grounded, and balance the inner/outer worlds. Be aware of life’s illusions and get past them. (Also note: others can be a reflection of YOU and your inner-world.)

Those of you that are cooking/hosting/ working on big projects this week: be willing to accept help and assistance. Support is all around you. Don’t think you have to do it all by yourself. Stubbornness can create  unnecessary burdens and make you miserable. Approach tasks with a light heart and good humour to ensure success and enjoyment.


Peace, Love, and for those of you in the States: Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Oracle: Wisdom of the Maya

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