Universal Read: Week of 07 December ~ 13 December 2015

Pacal: King of Palenque (reversed), Kumatz: The Serpent (reversed), Manik Glyph 7: Deer

Recognize the influences in your life (including but not limited to:family, friends, ancestors). What power do they have over you? Are there any you find “unacceptable”? Remember that those influences that are the most difficult to accept can be the greatest teachers! Confront something within yourself that needs transformation. Look deep within and consider what is truly worth sacrificing and what is not. Shoot for Spiritual Growth! By the week’s end, you’ll be required to make quick decisions. Seize opportunities swiftly as they are fleeting. Decide about relationships (particularly those that have a sexual or potentially sexual nature). ’tis the moment to choose!   ***Remember it is New Moon this Friday, the 11th! Make decisions about what you truly want to manifest, also 🙂



~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Oracle deck used: Wisdom of the Maya


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