Universal Read: 21December 2015 ~ 27 December 2015

Cards: Hanged man  (reversed) King of Chalices, Knight of Pentacles. All over influence: 6 of Chalices.  Stones: Black Moonstone, Blue Chalcedony

Strive to get a different perspective this week, a higher perspective. Try to look at things through a more spiritual based viewpoint, and realize your own and others’ empathic sensitivity to issues and scenarios. More folks seem to be sensitive to weather changes this week also, so keep that in mind.  Compassion is key. People will be speaking from the heart and expressing their feelings more openly this week.  The mind remains in the equation also. Maintain optimism and a light-hearted attitude facing any festivities. By the end of the week, it looks like you will probably get a workout de-cluttering your environment and rearranging! You will want to look good for each other, too 😉 

Overall: this week will be about satisfaction and memories, remembering those whom have passed, remembering the good ol’ days, remembering the not-so-good ol’ days; but, also: the pleasure and enjoyment of making new memories!!! 

Many Blessings and Happy Holidays!

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara

tarot: Universal Fantasy


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