Voice Recovery

I lost my voice!

it’s been buried

in the tears of my demise.


Perhaps a troglodyte

emerged from the shadows

of night,

plucked it from my throat

and hid it in a spooky cavern

far below the terrestrial plane.


I lost my voice!

go ask the Jack o’ Lantern

what lies beyond his

sinister grin.


Perhaps the Black Cat

batted it about

right after his brother

stole my tongue.


I lost my voice!

The crack-brained

cab driver drove it

to the wrong place.


Perhaps it’s hidden

in the flaming tire yard

next to the vendor

serving up fritas and

carne asada.


I lost my voice!

it’s been taken to

the land of cyborgs

invisible to the naked eye.


Perhaps it hopped aboard a

devious spacecraft

and is now subject to

intrusive extra-terrestrial



I lost my voice!

it’s hiding in the


under the floor boards

or some uncanny place.


Perhaps it got sucked

into the vacuum

and is now ensconced

in dog hair and


of West Nile mosquitoes.


I lost my voice!

it’s been hang-gliding

too much in the updrafts

in Zimbabwe.


Perhaps it’s been

carried off by the

North Tradewinds

and is currently swimming around

the Tuamotu Archipelago.


I lost my voice!

it got swept up

in the mud after the

elephant’s roadside



Perhaps it swirled into

the kerosene of a


hermit’s lantern

only to be revealed

to no one.


I lost my voice!

it scuba-dove

into the deep blue sea

with its profound



Perhaps it shall emerge

in a delicious spring roll

next to the oxymoronous

jumbo shrimp.


What is a voice

but a vehicle

for the imagination

and the unseen


of life.



SJG 2015



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