Universal Read: 28 December 2015 ~ 03 January 2016

Cards: Knave of Chalices, Knight of Chalices, 8 of Wands

Stones: Fluorite, Agate, Amegreen, Raw Epidote, Blue Lace Agate

This week looks like a week of (especially emotional) intensity. Imagination and emotional support sparks (or could potentially spark) something really truly grand. Clearly answer your calling and use your mad skills and gifts, for they are in demand! Passionate pursual with confidence and being ready to leap empty-handed into uncharted territory is in the air, so get busy and enjoy it! The week’s end it will require a little more patience, so that we can watch what we were working on grow. This will be a time for psychic insights and perceptions (albeit a bit raw at first) and feeling things starting to manifest internally and externally. (Are we nurturing the right things?) Define who/what is growing and SOAR!!!

Oh yea… Happy New Year, everybody! 🙂


Many Blessings,


aka Lady Sara


Tarot deck: Universal Fantasy


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