Universal Read Week of: 01 February ~ 07 February 2016

Cards: (ALL REVERSED!) Dzonot: The Cenote, Nohoch Ek: Venus Rising & Setting, Pop: The Mat

It’s almost as if we will be forced to do some self-reflection in the beginning of the week. It’s good though, take time to look deep within to see if you need to resolve any issues. Make sure that your thoughts and perceptions are not distorted from the truth! No more needless sacrifice and wasted time. By mid week, conflicts (especially inner) will be resolved. Time to put things into the past and LEAVE them there! Weeks’ end cautions us about counsel. Beware of false/flawed counsel; don’t follow any advice that goes against your inner guidance/intuition. You’ll regret it if you do! Some of you out there may also be called to give counsel/advice. This is perfectly fine, but again, be mindful that you are not giving bad and/or ill-informed advice. You may cause more harm than good.


Many Blessings

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Oracle Used: Wisdom of the Maya

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