Universal Read Week of: 15 February ~ 21 February 2016

Cards: The Faery Godmother (reversed), the Friends, the Pook (punctuation), Indi

Don’t make things harder on than they need to be in the beginning of the week. It is recommended to be open to giving/receiving, and don’t be greedy/selfish! Friends are all too willing to help each other out mid-week (with an unconditional loving heart!)  May be a time for resolution between friends as well.  Some confusing situations may arise, watch judgments (all week!) Recognize that there is good and bad in every situation, every friend even. Learn/remember how to see all sides. By the end of the week it’s time to make decisions, define goals and commitments and, most importantly: STICK TO THEM! Take a hold of your schedule, set reasonable, well thought-out time limits and deadlines. (Ask for guidance if needed).


Much Love ❤

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Oracle used: Brian Froud & Jessica MacBeth’s Faeries’ Oracle


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