Universal Read Week of: 22 February ~ 28 February 2016

Cards: Huracan: God of Violent & Sudden Change, Kumatz: The Serpent, Yum Cimih: Lord of Death (reversed)

Wow! This seems to be an intense week of extreme change and transformation, according to this read from the Maya, whether we like it or not!

Prepare yourself for major changes in life ~ which may be very sudden and severe. Trust that the change is for the better. It’s also a great time for purging. (Who/what’s around you that’s a bad influence? Do you have too much clutter lying around? Do you still have a bunch of old clothes taking up space in your closet that don’t fit you any more? Get rid of it!) Time to shed the old skin, so to speak, and renew yourself. Consider and facilitate transformation, which embodies spiritual growth. There is no transformation without sacrifice of some kind. Something (unexpected/unanticipated) is about to pass from your life with finality! Don’t resist it if it really needs to go. (Be honest with yourself: does an ex need to disappear from your life once and for all (in a good way)? Do you need to give up an old way of life, old ways of thinking, and/or destructive habits? Do you need to leave an unsatisfactory job and all its residuals behind? Is it time to leave the single life behind and fully commit to a relationship? Do it!) New beginnings and higher vibrational energies come with all this. Monumental!

This is perfect for the Full Moon/ waning week, especially the first one after the Mercury Retrograde phase. You probably got enough dosages from the merc ret phase of what you DON’T want, so it’s time to release it ALL so that you can move forward and go on with your life. Time to expunge the difficulties (mostly self-imposed), once and for all! Yay!

Many Blessings

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Oracle: Wisdom of the Maya

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