Universal Read Week of: 21 March ~ 27 March 2016

Geez. Kinda Brutal! Not for the light of heart, so it would seem…

Cards: 5 of Chalices, 4 of Swords (Reversed), 9 of Swords

Stones: White Labradorite, Blue Aventurine, Jet

Looks like we’ll be sortin’ out what to dwell on, where to focus.. Regrets, Disappointments, and Abandonments look to be rolling through a lot of hearts and minds this week. Protect your spirit. What emotion can lift it?

We’ll be fine

if we can find

a peace of mind.

Brain massages and ice packs might just be in order. Pull your head out of the ground! Bury something else. (Ashes of worries, perhaps…?)

Remember you still have an inner light and an inner sassy.




Suggestion: Go party with some fairies.


If you don’t, they’ll hide your keys.


(..or something else important and shiny!)



Peace out

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Tarot Deck: Universal Fantasy



P.S. ~ Lunar eclipse on Wednesday, within the astrological sign of Libra.

Equilibrium, anyone?

Hang in there, everyone! We are all in this together. Please endeavour to maintain compassion your yourself and others.

Recommendation: Get some rest whenever you can.


Peace out

for real this



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