Universal Read Week of 28 March ~ 03 April 2016

I was hoping for a more auspicious read for this week, as last week showed a bit of a challenge! Looks like I got my wish 🙂

Cards: Lovers, Knight of Cups, Star

Stones: Opalite, Rhodochrosite, heart-shaped Mookaite Jasper, Dumortierite


Love is in the air (at least for a majority)! This looks to be an enjoyable week as partnerships of all kinds are favourable and passions run high. Choices between lovers (soulmate vs. those whom may tempt & taint your heart) are apparent, remember your love and compassion for each other. Behind the scenes are soulmate teachings and the breaking old patterns. There might be possible mood swings in lovers/partnerships, though they don’t seem to last long. Lovingly express feelings with each other and remember self-worth as well as the value of personal passions. There is a balance between the inner and outer worlds expressed through our emotions and passionate nature, healing wounds. The week’s end looks promising and hopeful, with angels working behind the scenes to assist with courage, self-confidence, surpassing addictions, and discipline. Don’t be afraid step into the flow of life and be a conduit for passionate expression and healing energies! Huzzah!


~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Cards: Tarot of the Ages


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