Compatibility, Lessons Learned, and the Golden Rule

Not everyone in life are compatible.

Whether it be co-workers, acquaintances, friends, lovers ~ if you are not compatible you are not compatible. It isn’t good or bad ~ No Judgement ~ it just IS.

It doesn’t necessarily mean either party involved is an A-hole (though on the surface sometimes it may seem that way).

Most people come into your life for a reason, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are destined to be there for a lifetime.

Lessons and contemplations: What can/have you learned from each other? More important, what valuable lesson have you learned about yourself? How can you transmute a “negative” experience to a positive life lesson? What can you do to change yourself to establish more healthy relationships in the future?

I know, on a personal note, that I have encountered/dealt with people and didn’t like certain dynamics of how they regarded/treated me. Criticism, using, jealousy, possessiveness, defensiveness, taking things too personal when they weren’t meant that way (etc).. did I do those things to others?!

Why yes, I think I did. 😮

No more.

I certainly didn’t like it being done to me ~ I was reminded of the Golden Rule ~ therefore I endeavoured to be more consciously aware to not impose such things on anyone else.

Painful lessons, misunderstandings, shattered friendships, broken hearts ~ valuable compassion, awareness, and adjustments to make a better person (or else be doomed to continue the same patterns and vicious cycles, etc). Somehow, I found some peace. Somehow, I still feel triumphant. Somehow, I had improved my personal journey and relationships of all kinds.

Some relationships could be re-established and strengthened. Some could not.

Not everyone in life are meant to be compatible. And that’s okay. Sometimes it’s just like that, and just that simple.


Thank you, Spirit.




SJG 2016


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