Universal Read for the week of: 18 April 2016 ~ 24 April 2016

Cards: ** ALL REVERSED!*** King of Coins, Four of Coins, The Tower

Stones: Aqua Aura Quartz, Sardonyx, Chrysocolla, Rhodochrosite

It seems that most folks will be feeling less than generous, most likely because too much money is already being spent (probably on obligations/responsibilities). For those of you having to go through such things, do your best to keep a cool head and not stress about it too much. There is enhanced communication this week (folks most likely talking about finances, for one thing). Thoughts/musings about a more meaningful existence (other than just paying bills) creeps into the consciousness  about mid-week. There is spiritual protection all around you, and also an energy to help heal/ stabilize relationships. Let’s allow any necessary emotional healing, be gentle with ourselves, and compassionate with each other this week: especially when some folks are experiencing unexpected, abrupt, “earth-shattering” changes occurring by the end of the week. Some of us may encounter a bit of heartache or even healing of heartaches through some of these changes. Keep a cool head, stay on your toes, find creative ways to solve any problems, and do your best to keep an inner balance with Love and compassion while going through stuff. Love is All. The energy is available to do the self-loving act of breaking old patterns that no longer serve, and even choosing to purge unhealthy energies to invoke changes for the better!

Note: Full moon is this Friday, the 22nd: so this weekend is the perfect time for releasing and purging things that no longer serve (in a good way!) Out with the old, anticipation of the new!


Peace and blessings,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara



Tarot deck used: Tarot of the Ages

complementary crystal ( top) “Isis” Quartz point

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