Universal Read for the Week of: 25 April ~ 01 May 2016

Cards: Faery God Mother, The Green Woman (reversed) punctuated by: Laiste Moon’s Laughter (reversed), Singer of Courage

Earlier this week it looks like folks will be in the spirit of unconditional giving/ receiving. Yay! There is also a bit of grace and good fortune in the air. (Whew!) By mid-week, however; it may feel a bit frustrating and we may not know exactly where to direct our energies, and/or may be experiencing energy blockages. Almost like a stunted growth feeling, especially if we buy into our own self-doubts and anxiety. There are profound changes that are occurring “behind the scenes” ~ we may become more accident prone if our minds get too caught up thinking about these things and we are not grounded. Remember mid-week that you don’t have to meet unrealistic demands from others. Also, pay attention to dreams, symbology, omens, and insights occurring at deep levels. (If we don’t, we could be causing our own energy blockages and denying inevitable change ~ again, causing that “stunted growth” feeling!)  By the week’s end, however; it appears there is much more courage and a willingness to face and work through our fears and self-limitations. Time to awaken to greater possibilities and go for objectives!

Note: On Thursday, 28 April, Mercury officially goes retrograde. Perfect time to review/revise what’s working/not working in your life, and even clean house!  It’s not necessarily an ideal time to start anything new, per se, rather; to pick up and dust off some ideas and things “placed on the shelf.”

Grace and happiness,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara



Oracle deck used: The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth




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