Universal Read for the Week of: 02 May ~ 08 May 2016

Cards: 9 of Coins, The Fool (Reversed), The Magician (Reversed)

(with a helper: Isis quartz crystal!)

The beginning of the week it appears we will be inclined to slow down and appreciate the finer things, look at and enjoy what we’ve worked so hard for! Mid-week some trust issues come up and/or some of us may be feeling ready to “jump ship” and take a leap of faith to try something new, though it is not advised at this time. If anything, it can potentially push us to start setting our intentions of what we want to manifest, and figure out how to communicate what we really want; though it does appear that by the  week’s end communications can be a bit of a struggle (or there is just plain a lack thereof!)

(Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday! 🙂 )



aka Lady Sara


Tarot deck: Tarot of the Ages


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