Universal Read week of: 23 May 2016 ~ 29 May 2016

Cards: Knave of Swords, Temperance, King of Chalices (reversed)

Stones: Mookaite Jasper, Blue Aventurine, Rhyolite

Conquering depression and starting to see the bright side of things, energies are there that you may be considering new possibilities of life experience and exploration/acquisition of knowledge, and be able to choose the right things (for you) to explore and even talk yourself into them! Yes! Experience and knowledge is there for the taking. Connection between heart and mind is a theme that continues through the week. Mental healing and balance of male/female, mental/emotional energies are also prevalent this week. Mid-week to week’s end, there is a foundation (underlying energy) of creativity and integration of past into the present, and readiness to move forward. By the week’s end, there is a great potential for living and communicating directly through the heart, if you are open to it. Heart-to-hearts will assist in facilitation of forward movement for all involved. Some folks may be ready to have heart-to-heart communications, some will not. (Don’t force them if they are not! Suggestion in that scenario: Tell them, “I would like to move forward. I’m ready {to have a heart-to-heart} when you are!  )


Much Love and Many Blessings,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


tarot deck used: Universal Fantasy



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