Universal Read for the Week of: 30 May 2016 ~ 05 June 2016

Cards: Ace of Batons, The Fool (reversed), Knight of Batons (reversed)

Stones: Blue Tiger Eye, Quartz Crystal, Rhyolite, Peach Aventurine, Rose Quartz

(and as always when I post with the Tarot of the Ages, the Isis Quartz as a helper crystal)

The beginning of the week looks to start off with a BANG! (Pun intended!  Memorial Day is on Monday in the U.S., so I’m sure there will literally be fireworks in many regions of the country!)  There’s a new lively energy, new sense of well-being, and strength in the self. Be present and take care to keep tempers at bay: find creative ways to direct your energy. Trust/Faith issues may come up this week (trust/faith in the Self, trust/faith in others, trust/faith in the Universe, and particularly: trust/faith issues of the heart). It looks like some heart healing, balancing of emotions, and tapping into our compassionate sides need to be done before embarking on anything new. If we can heal and break free from our distrusting hearts and naysayers, we’ll be more ready/apt to pursue our dreams. It appears that most will not be ready for this yet, however; it is present in the backs of many minds. Some of us may still need to figure out what our dreams exactly are (obviously we need to define them before we can go after them! )

This read appears to be in perfect alignment with the moon phases, as we have a New Moon this weekend. Note that a good exercise to do during a New Moon IS to define our dreams and goals! (Here is another opportunity where your creativity can come out to play.)


Happy Trails,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


tarot deck used: Tarot of the Ages


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