Universal Read for the week of: 13 June ~ 19 June 2016

Cards: (Popped out while shuffling: Justice!) Knight of Cups, 3 of Cups, The Sun ALL REVERSED!!!

Stones: Blue tiger eye, fluorite, heart-shaped Mookaite Jasper

The underlying theme of this week appears that energy is a bit off-balance, and most of us will need to figure out how to regain


This week looks to start off with many feeling pretty angry. If we don’t find a way to nip this energy in the bud and re-direct our passions, it can continue into the week and disrupt friendships, partnerships, and the overall energy of the world at large: leaving us licking our wounds at the week’s end. Especially mid-week, the energy will be available to us (if we choose to seize) to find ways to calm our quick tempers and release stress, over-anxiousness, phobias, and sexual frustrations so long that we see clearly and are aware of our words and actions especially between ourselves and others. Taking  “time out(s)” to re-ground, heal, and connect with Spirit will be most necessary to clear hearts and minds. *By all means stay away from those whom you feel that you cannot be yourself around and fully express your true being. They could end up causing more grief than necessary and fuel the fire of discord! Instead, choose friends to whom you can connect with on deeper, more healing levels, and see if you can work things out together (and have fun with)! It IS possible to have a much more positive weekend if we take the right steps during the week, and not allow outside influences to ruin everything for us. Balance is possible, so long that we are aware and make conscious choices.


Many blessings and good luck!

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


tarot deck: Tarot of the Ages

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