Universal Read for the week of: 20 June ~ 26 June 2016

Cards: The Emperor (reversed), Four of Swords, Five of Wands

Stones: Banded (lined) Agate, Amegreen

There appears to be resistance to authority figures and/or father issues early this week. (Dang! Right after Father’s Day, too! Condolences for those whom have fathers that have passed. Looks like mourning/reflecting continues into the week.)  There is a moment of peace, brief respite even, about mid-week. Grab naps and get your rest when you can: make a little time for healing and restoration as it is definitely needed. Unfortunately, conflict and high drama looks to be on the horizon by the week’s end (internally and externally). Hearts, minds, and spirits may be a little off-balance and need special care.

Believe it or not, there are hidden blessings: as the Amegreen denotes transition and “waking up” from apathy and monotony to what truly has meaning.  “Be ready to leap empty-handed into uncharted territory!” is an underlying message for many, despite any conflicts with it you may have. (Message from lined agate: “There is nothing to fear but fear itself!”) Major change of course and end of chronic malady is another subtle but powerful energy presented by the Amegreen.

Detach from drama, especially other peoples’ drama , gossip, etc as much as possible this weekend, and take care. ❤

(Recommendation: use banded agate to protect from high drama and restore energy starting about mid-week; and use amegreen to assist with emotional healing and transitions/changes you may find difficulty with. )


Love & Light,


aka Lady Sara


tarot: Universal Fantasy


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