Universal Read for the week of: 27 June ~ 03 July 2016

Cards: 3 of Pentacles (reversed), King of Pentacles, 10 of Pentacles

Stones: Ametrine, Stromatolite, Bloodstone, Rose Quartz

Transformation and working independently kicks off the week. Taking control of life and embracing sovereignty is underway! We can feel safe and (hopefully) heal situations and relationships that were damaged due to harsh words, criticisms, misunderstandings, etc with an underlying understanding that “we are all one”. The energy of unconditional love, self-love, and openness of the heart will allow us to find the right words and diplomacy. Generosity and abundance abound! It appears people will be more inclined for gift giving, charities,  even buying someone lunch while letting go of disagreements (past or present). There is much to learn from history and past experiences: the releasing of negative programing and emotional stress is in order, and now it’s time to evolve. There will be a focus on acquiring knowledge from the ancient past so as not to repeat the same mistakes (and getting to the core of why things happened the way they did in the first place).  Call me an idealist, but it also appears that there is a shift of attention towards how to heal the earth and/or “skeletal” systems: all types of infrastructure definitely do need healing!  Now is the time to do it. There is much abundance in the world, enough for everyone. We have everything that we truly need (and then some!) How abundant we really are is recognized by this week’s end.

I’m feeling that there will be some kind of book exchanges this week/weekend; and/or presentations of something meaningful from the past that denotes historical value. 😉


Many Blessings and much Love & Light,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


tarot: Universal Fantasy

2 thoughts on “Universal Read for the week of: 27 June ~ 03 July 2016

  1. Hello Hydroxia 💐 Thank you very much once again for the universal reads you provide. Life is always a roller coaster on many levels for me. The insights that you channel provide “gps” type help that l only get from a handful of sources. And the crystals are fun to work with too 🤓
    I also want to thank you for the two postings that you put out yesterday. I read them a couple of times and each time they take me deeper and provide more insight for me👳
    Indeed what we put out is a distillation of what we have experienced throughout our lives. When l read your postings, l know that this info comes from your soul.🕊 Some of this info has also come at a high price too. Adding the kind vibes that that l have experienced when coming to “the shop”, bowl me over. I have to say that l felt an Angelic presence the last time l stopped by. I want to say thank you for the person you have been and l wish you the absolute best of everything 🌈 Bobbsy

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