Universal Read for the Week of: 18 July ~ 24 July 2016

Cards: 2 of Swords, Knave of Pentacles, 5 of Chalices

Stones: androgynous boji ball, white labradorite, chalcopyrite (peacock ore)

Fence-sitting and indecision appears early in the week, weighing 2 perfectly good ideas/options. (Stalemate, anyone?! ) Let your emotions and intuition be your guide when torn between 2 major options (and remember, sometimes not making a decision IS making a decision!). Some obstacles have been cleared and there’s fertility in new projects as well as new opportunities mid-week, with congeniality and a balance of masculine/feminine energy. Intuition/clairvoyance is running high (as two of the stones here emphasize this), and by the week’s end it’s going to be regret/disappoint vs. joyful/brighter outlook. (Did your decision – or lack thereof- cause you to feel disappointment or regret by the weekend, or do you have a more positive outlook? This is a heads up to choose wisely; and/or do an attitude check on how you view your life  especially in the emotional sphere.)

Astrological note: The Full Moon is Tuesday, 19 July, and is moving from the sign of hard-working, structured (and sometimes restricted) Capricorn into the sign of surprise, rebellion, and freedom-loving Aquarius. (Full Moon!?! No wonder the fertility card showed up mid-week!) Keep these astrological moon/emotional influences in mind when the new opportunities are presented to you, and you are deciding what to do with them.

~ Also ~ With all these powerful influences and emotions at hand, it’ll be important to be kind to yourself and others.

Take care,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Tarot: Universal Fantasy



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