Universal Read for the Week of: 25 July ~ 31 July 2016

Cards: Hierophant (reversed), 6 of Pentacles (reversed), King of Swords

Stones: Tiger Iron, Turquoise, Apatite

It appears that there is a resistance to religion, spiritual teachings, and/or family early in the week. Please don’t feel like a failure just because you are not doing something (or doing something fast enough) that someone told you! If spiritual teachings really truly resonate on a soul level, follow-through (on your terms) will ensure your success in the material realm: even if you are not seeing things that way immediately. There’s a lot of healing and change going on, please know that you are energetically protected. Carry Tiger Iron to as a reminder, and also to help remedy any type of exhaustion: emotional/ mental burnout, and even FAMILY stress! Apollo says: Focus on strengths and past successes to help bring about more successes. 🙂 (There may even be surprise successes this week! Huzzah!)

After any turbulence you may be experiencing earlier in the week, there should be more peaceful feelings towards the end of the week. (Whew!) Creativity and articulation of thoughts and ideas will be unleashed by the week’s end. (If you are doing any public speaking or sharing ideas in a group/community, bring your turquoise along to help soothe any nerves you may have,  assistance with mind/spirit communication, and balancing energies.) Eloquence of ideas can be most inspiring, and imaginations will soar!

Many Blessings, Love, and Light

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Tarot deck: Crystal Visions




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