Universal Read for the week of: 01 August ~ 07 August 2016

Cards: Gloominous Doom, The Guardian at the Gate, Gawtcha, (Punctuation and reversed): Luathas the Wild

Be kind to yourself and others with the words you speak while going through this very transitional week. (Be mindful of your language. Steer away from nagging, scolding, preaching, and/or complaining about yourself/others if there’s something that needs changing. And, by the way, watch that self-destructive, self-defeatism talk! Cheerlead: you want to make change, you can and will. In fact, you are doing it!)  It seems to start off slow by setting the intention for desired transitions and changes. “Opening the gate” and allowing for change (for yourself and others) kicks into high gear with surprises and abrupt changes by the end of the week! Things may seem to be “falling apart”. Don’t fight it or even try to “pick up the pieces” to put it back the same way: these changes are irrevocable! Only keep and build upon the most important part(s) of your life, allow room for growth. Please pace yourself as best you can so you don’t get burnt out. Take breaks now and then to recharge/regenerate, you’ll be glad you did.

Wow, what an intense New Moon Week! 😮

Love & Light,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Oracle: The Faeries’ Oracle

One thought on “Universal Read for the week of: 01 August ~ 07 August 2016

  1. Hay there Hydroxia👽 Thx for the reading as always. I would say that the reading could be a heavy duty tool to get thru an intense week if it gets down to it. Since l will be working until Wed, l had to show you a picture of where l went Sunday, Payson and the Verde Valley. 53 degrees and hail where the pic was taken👌🏼


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