Universal Read for the week of: 15 August ~ 21 August 2016

Cards: The Singer of the Chalice, The Dark Lady (reversed), Punctuation: the Glanconer (reversed), The Green Woman.

Well! Some folks appear to be more inclined to free themselves of debilitating attitudes, and be more open to creativity, joy, and miracles! Good feelings spell the beginning of the week, if folks are open to it. While inviting the flow of goodness is the presiding energy during the beginning of the week, by mid-week people may be second-guessing themselves and extending themselves too far in the world: relying on exterior influences and feeling the need to remain busy. (Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of frenetic people running around! ) There’s also almost an obsessive “need” for people pleasing by some, perhaps wearing some type of mask to their true, honest feelings/thoughts/wishes/desires/feelings. (That’s not fair to anyone, especially not you if you are one of those people.) Trying to accommodate what you think someone else might want, in order to make yourself “look good,” or having some delusion that it will give you leverage of some kind ~ only leads to drama and destructive forces. Surrender to your Higher Self and patience. Allow things to unfold as they will, be truly honest with yourself (and others)! Don’t ignore the “inner” world. It’s very real and has demands of its own. By the end of the week, masses want to “bounce back” and may be in a much more playful, if not wild, mood! After any drama (or hopefully avoidance of it) mid-week, you may be more at that point of not caring what others think after all, and just want to let loose! (This is in alignment with Saturn now being direct, LESS RESTrICTIONS and LIMITATIONS!!! YAY! )

The  keyword: patience, must be noted as a theme for this week overall. Seeds that you plant (hopefully for your own happiness and well-being) are getting ready to grow, if not starting to sprout already. Be patient and keep nurturing what you DO want out of life. *Also be patient with yourself and others, as everyone may seem out of sorts or even a little crazy this week.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday seems to elicit some unpredictable behaviour and events this week. Roll with it! (Suggestion: Use caution while driving and drive defensively. PAY ATTENTION. All these influences combined may cause a lot of willy-nilliness.) Coupled with a Lunar eclipse, it also brings about awareness of where you are at in life, and most likely more motivation for major life changes.


Have an enjoyable week!

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara



Oracle used: Faeries’ Oracle




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