Universal Read for the Week of: 22 August ~ 29 August 2016

Cards: 2 of Pentacles, Queen of Cups, King of Pentacles (Reversed)

Stones: Chrysocolla, Blue Chalcedony

Going into this week there are changes happening in the material realm, and perhaps a bit of a juggle with finances for some.  (Rest assured, you are capable and can even do this juggling act joyfully!) Some folks out there: looks like you’ll be shifting employment and/or your financial situation that is more befitting of your emotional needs, and allows you to take care of yourself! Bravo! Needing to go within and fulfill/balance your emotional needs is imperative by mid-week. Tapping into your feminine/goddess side and inner strength can help alleviate any guilt (past or present) and bring in more joy and creativity.*  There is unconditional love within you and around you, creative expression and communication abounds! (This is an auspicious time for writing poetry and creating artwork.) By the end of the week: though in your heart you may be feeling somewhat generous, it may not be time yet to be giving things away and/or buying things for people due to the financial juggling earlier in the week. Also, it may not be the time to give away those objects you have emotional attachment(s) and sentimental connections with. Another time will come, only do it when you are really truly ready.


Many Blessings,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara





Tarot: Crystal Visions



*Chrysocolla can help you tap into the feminine/goddess energies and assist in alleviating guilt to bring in more joy. Both stones (chrysocolla and blue chalcedony) can assist with calming, balancing the emotions, and bringing about creativity and communication.


One thought on “Universal Read for the Week of: 22 August ~ 29 August 2016

  1. Hello Hydroxia
    The days sure are passing steadily even though they go one by one.
    Although l treasured hearing Linda MH, it may take a little time to see what l want to accept from what she says.
    She sounds so correct but her messages are in contrast to what most people even have a clue about. What a rush!
    I did not have to much to comment on regarding the body of her talk because the ramifications of what she said will cause me to change my view of the world a bit.
    Lastly, l am happy that the universal read for the week promises good things.
    Owl be working till Monday everyday. Thanks for your friendship. Bobbsey (high strangeness)


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