Universal Read for the Week of: 12 September ~ 18 September 2016

Cards: Ekstasis, The Laume, The Guardian of the Gate

Overall outlook for the week: Excellent!

This somewhat intense week rolls in with all kinds of ecstasy, joy, harmony, interconnectedness feelings, and motivation. Wow! Great accomplishments are in your grasp. Still need healing from the past? Now is the time to do it! Generosity is in the air. Be willing to give, Give, GiVe AND receive, randomly and unconditionally!!! Let the energy flow! 😀 Roadblocks and obstacles in life are cleared away when you give things away, and opens/allows space for good things to come in. All these exchanges seem to lead to open doors left and right. (Or perhaps, you are the one to open the door to help another.) Once passing through these doors of opportunity, there is no going back. No one is to be forced unless they are ready for irrevocable change. Trust that these doors being opened (or re-opened in some cases) are for the BEST.


(Happy Full Moon and Lunar eclipse on Friday! )

Many Blessings now and Always,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Oracle: the Faeries’ Oracle


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