Universal Read for the Week of: 19 September ~ 25 September 2016

Cards: Sun, Ochre, Gymea Lily

People are on the GO! This week if full of contrasts: happy vs. grief, conscious vs. subconscious, light vs. dark, old vs. new. People are starting to become more consciously aware of some of the latent possibilities in their lives that have always been there, but not ever fully explored. Pay attention and notice any deja vu type feelings. The energy indicates there is an increased volume of synchronicities this week! Out with old, in with the new.. Have you been tenaciously holding on to something that’s no longer good for you, or that you don’t want anymore? (Lifestyle, home, traditions, or just “stuff”). Step back and ask yourself: Do you like what you’ve created for yourself? If not, it’s time to purge that and create something new. Things have changed: what you wanted before may not be what you want now. (Aren’t us humans fickle?!) Things you thought were easy might be harder than expected this week, and vice versa. Time to release and let go of things: making room for what you want now. By the end of the week we must ask ourselves: are we avoiding some kind of responsibility? Are we trying to push things off on others? Is someone trying to push things off on us? Boundaries! Take responsibility to balance the energy: if you are not currently getting enough time for yourself, exercise your right to use the word “no” if others are demanding too much of your time/energy and leaving you drained. If you are spending too much time alone, time to get out and be more “there” for others. It’s time to recognize and consider your needs vs. others’, and get that energy balanced!

Love, Light, and Peace

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara



recent gift from a friend: Oracle of the Dreamtime

(Thank you, T!)

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