Universal Read for the Week of: 26 September ~ 02 October 2016

Cards: Queen of Chalices, 4 of Pentacles, Queen of Swords

Stones: Amphibole Quartz, Honey/Amber Calcite, Green Sardonyx, Jasper

Personal emotional needs and those emotional needs of people closest to you will be the crowning energy as we ease into this week.  Angelic, unconditional loving influences will be all around! Time to keep calm and protect thyself from harmful energies, in order to shift into the highest possible vibe without breaking the bank will be the prime directive. Must be grounded: exercise your intellect, will power, and self-discipline to save money.  If you absolutely have to spend the dough, be smart about it!  Remember that strength of character is not measured by dollars and cents, or how much you can spend of it. Maintaining personal power will bring focus and mental clarity about a lot of things (especially as to why it’s important to $ave). Be honest with yourself. It’s time to get clear about a few things, such as: what really needs your nurturing and/or determination? What new experiences do you want to invite into your life? Where/how do you need to balance your energy? What makes you feel full of vitality? What are your strengths? How is your connection to the Earth?

These are some of the questions to ask yourself by the end of the week.


Happy Trails!

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Tarot: Universal Fantasy













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