Universal Read for the week of: 17October ~ 23October 2016

Cards: Ochre (semi-reversed), Black Swan (reversed), Gymea Lily (semi-reversed)

Time to get grounded to courageously pursue passions and desires. (Does that feel slightly impossible right now? Have your passions and desires changed from what they used to be?) Ask yourself: What have you drawn to yourself? Do you like the circumstances you created for yourself in your life? If not, you have the power to create something different!  Who’s out there playing the victim? Is it you? Oh no! Well you have the power to change that, too;  or at least change your perspective. (Or are you getting sucked into someone else’s drama and victimization?) What invisible weight is holding you back from flying free? Empower yourself and get rid of limiting beliefs and self-deprecating attitudes. (Do you simply just give up when encountering “roadblocks”? Or do you persevere? ) Mantra: Nothing to hold you back but your own attitudes. Opportunities are presenting themselves at this time, and you have a chance to break old patterns/habits/cycles and improve your situation(s). Your past may be coming back to haunt you a bit, but the quicker you are to accept responsibility and take appropriate steps (towards spiritual growth, improving your life in some way, etc.) , the sooner you can restore hope and set proper boundaries so that the same ol’ junk doesn’t happen yet again. (Acknowledge how you may have created strife and/or difficulties in your past, and decide that you are not going to do that anymore.) Take advantage of this waning moon and RELEASE.

Balance, Grasshoppah!

Remember: We’re all in this together. Easier said than done, I know. Be patient and kind to yourself and others. ❤

Love & Light

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Oracle deck: Oracle of the Dreamtime


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