Universal Read for the Week of: 24 October ~ 30 October 2016

Cards: Graveyard, Invisibility, Jack o’ Lantern (reversed)


There’s something in the air where people are feeling too afraid to create the life that’s truly wanted and are operating out of necessity/fear. Are you holding back, shrinking down, and feeling vulnerable: not revealing your true authentic self (as if it’s not good enough)?  Some out there may be thinking that “Hey, this (that, or the other thing) works for someone else, it can work for me, ” (even if it’s not true to you). Some are feeling that the Universe is showing “favoritism” to others, like you can’t truly have what you really want in life, while others can! 😮

Time to sit back for a moment and ask yourself: Am I creating/doing things in my life out of fear and “necessity” or am I really going after something I truly want? What am I really afraid of, and why? How can I overcome that? Am I doing something just because someone else wants me to or because it (seemingly) works for them that it might work for me too, even if it’s something I don’t really want? Am I being genuine (with myself and others)? It is also a time to check and/or re-establish important boundaries  so that you are creating the life you want, knowing that the Universe is protecting and supporting you on your mission.

Strong recommendation: Clear and release these thoughts and feelings of fear and inauthenticity before the New Moon on Sunday and set intentions of what you really want; lest you perpetuate an undesirable life.

EyeZ on da PriZe come New Moon!


Many Blessings,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara


Oracle deck: Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco



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