Universal Read for the Week of: 31October ~ 06November 2016

IMG_2409         Trick or treat!       IMG_2423

Cards: The Lamp (Remembrance), Graveyard (Unnecessary Fear), The Underworld ( Where things pause & begin again)

Looks like folks will be remembering and honouring those whom have passed, celebrating their lives vs. mourning their deaths! Bravo! Remember anyone whom you had a difficult relationship with has left you with many lessons: know that their darkness has illuminated your strengths & values.  Hopefully this encouraged you to live a better and more happy life. “Sometimes our nemesis teaches more than our friends!”*

Some people are still out there walking around with all kinds of unnecessary fear. (Ask yourself: Fear of death or fear of life?) Trust and know that all obstacles can and will be removed if you only believe in yourself and take the next proper steps. Things are not always as they seem. Consider what has to be done to transform your life into something much more authentic and genuine. Contemplate a change of course, which will ultimately make your life much easier. If things seem to be crumbling and falling away at this time; know that it’s only temporary, and that space is being made for you to create something new and that’s truly for you.

Astrology note: New Moon in Scorpio! It’s a very psychic and emotional time right now. It’s also very auspicious for setting powerful intentions. Shake off the fear and DO IT!

Happy Halloween (Samhain)!

Blessings, Love, and Light

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara

Cards: Halloween Oracle

*Stacey DeMarco



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