Universal Read for the week of: 14November ~ 20November 2016

First of all: Happy Full Moon! It’s very intense as this is a SUPER MOON! It won’t be this close to Earth again until Nov. 2034. So, if your sleep patterns have been disturbed and emotions have been extra gnarly lately (or you notice others’ unusually erratic behaviour), now you know why. ūüėČ

And now.. on with the weekly read…

Cards: Justice, Queen of Pentacles, Four of Swords (reversed)

Regaining balance and equilibrium is top priority to kick off the week. All sides WILL BE HEARD, and the truths WILL come out. More folks are feeling  financially secure and eating well about mid-week (and/or focused on diet). There is still some restlessness going on. Hopefully after the week plays out, people will find more peace (especially of the mind) and things will simmer down a bit. If you feel that you are tapped out, lethargic, and tired: by all means take a nap!


Peace, Love, & Light,

~ Hydroxia

aka Lady Sara



Cards: Universal Fantasy Tarot

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