Universal Read for the Week of: 21November ~ 27November 2016

Cards: The Singer of Initiation, Death (reversed), The Dark Lady


Important doors of opportunity and new potentials are opening now. It is up to you to leave the past behind and walk through these doors! It is extremely challenging for many to let go of the past to move forward. Know that clinging to old habits and things can actually cause more harm than good: it causes delays and creates obstacles to achieving a more fulfilling life.  Reduce your pain: choose to let go of the past, embrace change, and step through these new doors willingly and openly. A space is being made to get ready for a “rebirth”. Hidden mysteries are being revealed if only we slow down, withdraw, and take time to look. Make inner peace a part of your picture of the future.


Love and Light,

~ Hydroxia

Aka Lady Sara


P.S. ~ Happy Thanksgiving this week!



Cards: Faeries’ Oracle


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