Universal Read for the Week of: 28November ~ 04December 2016

A little helper pulled the cards for this week! Here’s what we got:

Cards: Ta’Om the Poet (reversed), O! That Gnome (reversed), the Topsie Turvets

Overall this week people seem pretty dazed and confused! The week starts off with a need for the truth to come out. Filtering through the lies wrapped in eloquence and BS, we need to have the attitude of out with the truth already, whether we like it or not! Confusion and chaos look to continue into the middle of the week, as trickery is in the air. Remember that things are not always as they seem. Out of all this, new opportunities and new thoughts can and will pop up unexpectedly. This gives us a new way to look at things and a need for new perspectives by the end of the week. Put yourself in other peoples’ shoes, and even hang upside-down from your bed like you did when you were a kid.

Have fun with this week, try not to take EVERYthing so personally and/or too seriously. Know that this strange energy temporary. Don’t forget to set intentions for the New Moon on Monday!


Love and Light,


(aka Lady Sara)


Cards: Faeries’ Oracle




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