Snarky Comeback #53

Other peoples’ opinions got ya down?

Naysayers abound?


Just remember:

Opinions are like bungholes ~

Everyone’s got one

and some really




Have a good day 🙂



3 thoughts on “Snarky Comeback #53

    1. yes! Absolutely. Sometimes life throws us people whom try to divert us from our path & inner knowing of what’s right. By posting things like these, kinda gives “permission ” in some ways to embrace the inner-self (albeit sometimes a little sassy sometimes 😉 and set necessary boundaries. Rough around the edges and blunt as things may come across, people have to get the message that it’s NOT ok manipulate people, overly criticize, and cause damage just to make themselves feel better (or just cuz they THINK they are right).

      Sometimes ya gotta be a bit tough as darkness persists, and NOT allow someone else to do damage to the personal inner light.


      1. Personal strife is a universal thing.
        I just figured some other folks out there could relate, and i hope my personal struggles and self-empowerment from the lessons helps others to empower themselves as well. 🙂


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